Energizing Greece is an initiative within a wider ecosystem whose mission is to highlight dynamics, inspirational, and visionary development actions from a Greek perspective.

The core of Energizing Greece is the mobilization of forces for targeted development, achieved through pioneering decisions, methodical planning, structured implementation and investments built upon progress, innovation, technological evolution, and the creation of a platform to help modernize the country.

To this end, the strengthening of Greece’s energy transition in line with International standards , and the necessary actions to confront the climate change within the framework defined by the 4th industrial revolution, take precedence.

Energizing Greece’s priority is to record and highlight significant programmes & contributors, to encourage the creation of bonds and the implementation of actions, which help establishing a leading international presence for Greece.


In ecosystems, participants evolve and become stronger as they improve their potential, by acquiring new skills and building relationships.

Ecosystems are founded on the dual principles of risk reduction and creating an environment for opportunity.

Networks and Communities strengthen the driving forces of cooperation between institutions, in the private and public sectors, academia, the scientific and entrepreneurial units, giving a head start to the next generation and providing support through recognized experts who have achieved, innovated and created their own remarkable paths.

Initiatives and Conferences highlight forward-looking strategies, technical know-how, innovative efforts, pioneering achievements and investments that brings Greece’s growth prospects to light within an international scope.


Energizing Greece promotes tangible growth and deepens the value of targeted innovation and development planning, which are critical driving forces of global progress.

Strength comes from the razor-sharp thinking, an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge, as well as the natural desire of individuals to rise and test themselves in order to lead Greece on a successful trajectory of development and prosperity.

Energizing Greece is a fist of power that emerges from the combined dynamics of the new generation’s goals and the many years of knowledge, the experience, and the achievements of recognized technocrats.

It urges all Greeks ,wherever they reside, to leverage this fist, either individually or as companies or organizations.


Energizing Greece participants are tomorrow’s leaders, whose ability and capabilities lay in their personality, dedication, hard work and inexhaustible desire to lead Greece to the future it deserves, while simultaneously developing and improving themselves, so their personal goals align with and contribute to the common benefit.

The prosperous tomorrow for Greece and for future generations is the most important consideration of all participants in this endeavour.